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    Elena Salmoirago Blotcher MD, PhD

    TitleAssistant Professor
    InstitutionUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School
    AddressUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School
    55 Lake Avenue North
    Worcester MA 01655
      Other Positions
      InstitutionUMMS - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
      DepartmentClinical Population Health Research

        awards and honors
        National Institutes of Health2009 - 2012Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Award for Postdoctoral Training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
        American Heart Association2010Fellow, 36th Ten-Day Seminar on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
        OBSSR-NIH2011Fellow, Summer Institute on Design and Conduct of RCTs involving behavioral interventions
        OBSSR-NIH2012Fellow, Advanced Training Institute in Health Behavior Theory course
        University of Chicago2013 - 2015Faculty Scholar Award - Program In Medicine & Religion

        Dr. Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher, Ph.D. M.D. is an AssistantProfessor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and in theDivision of Preventive andBehavioral Medicine at the University of MassachusettsMedical School in Worcester, MA. In addition, she has an adjunct appointmentat The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – Doctoral Program in Clinical andPopulation Health Research at the University of Massachusetts and is currently aFaculty Scholar at the Program in Medicine and Religion at the University ofChicago. She received her PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from the University ofMassachusetts and in July 2012 she completed an NIH-funded post-doctoraltraining program in complementary and alternative medicine. A board certifiedcardiologist in her native Italy, and trained in interventional cardiology atthe Hadassah Hospital at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she has worked forover 15 years in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit and Cath lab before becominga full-time clinical researcher. Her research interests include the role ofmindfulness in promoting behavioral change; mindful movement interventions forthe promotion of cardiovascular health; psycho-behavioral determinants ofcardiovascular disease; and women’s health. Current grants: 

        AHA13CRP1334001 (PI). Prognosis and predisposing factors of stress cardiomyopathy. American Heart Association.

        FP048381 (PI). Role of religion/spirituality and other psychosocial factors in burnout prevention among ER physicians. University of Chicago. 

        1R34 AT007569- A1 (PI). Development of a Tai Chi intervention to overcome barriers to cardiac rehabilitation. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

        1R21HL 119665-01 (multi-PI, with Dr. L. Pbert). Mindfulness training to promote healthy diet and physical activity in teens. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

        Rotation Projects

        selected publications
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        1. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Fitchett G, Hovey KM, Schnall E, Thomson C, Andrews CA, Crawford S, O'Sullivan MJ, Post S, Chlebowski RT, Ockene J. Frequency of private spiritual activity and cardiovascular risk in postmenopausal women: the Women's Health Initiative. Ann Epidemiol. 2013 May; 23(5):239-45.
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        2. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Crawford SL, Carmody J, Rosenthal L, Yeh G, Stanley M, Rose K, Browning C, Ockene IS. Phone-Delivered Mindfulness Training for Patients with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators: Results of a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Ann Behav Med. 2013 Apr 20.
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        3. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Hunsinger M, Morgan L, Fischer D, Carmody J. . Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Change in Health-Related Behaviors. Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. doi: 10.1177/2156587213488600. 2013.
        4. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Crawford S, Tran C, Goldberg R, Rosenthal L, Ockene I. Spiritual well-being may buffer psychological distress in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD). J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med. 2012 Oct 1; 17(3):148-154.
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        5. Bertone-Johnson ER, Powers SI, Spangler L, Larson J, Michael YL, Millen AE, Bueche MN, Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Wassertheil-Smoller S, Brunner RL, Ockene I, Ockene JK, Liu S, Manson JE. Vitamin D Supplementation and Depression in the Women's Health Initiative Calcium and Vitamin D Trial. Am J Epidemiol. 2012 May 9.
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        6. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Carmody J, Yeh G, Crawford S, Rosenthal L, Ockene I. Design and methods for a pilot study of a phone-delivered, mindfulness-based intervention in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012; 2012:972106.
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        7. Schnall E, Kalkstein S, Fitchett G, Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Ockene J, Tindle HA, Thomas A, Hunt JR, Wassertheil-Smoller S. Psychological and Social Characteristics Associated with Religiosity in Women's Health Initiative Participants. J Relig Health. 2011 Nov 9.
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        8. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Crawford S, Carmody J, Rosenthal L, Ockene I. Characteristics of Dispositional Mindfulness in Patients with Severe Cardiac Disease. J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med. 2011 Oct; 16(3):218-225.
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        9. Bertone-Johnson ER, Powers SI, Spangler L, Brunner RL, Michael YL, Larson JC, Millen AE, Bueche MN, Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Liu S, Wassertheil-Smoller S, Ockene JK, Ockene I, Manson JE. Vitamin D intake from foods and supplements and depressive symptoms in a diverse population of older women. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Oct; 94(4):1104-12.
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        10. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Crawford S, Jackson E, Ockene J, Ockene I. Constipation and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease among Postmenopausal Women. Am J Med. 2011 Aug; 124(8):714-23.
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        11. Carmody JF, Crawford S, Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Leung K, Churchill L, Olendzki N. Mindfulness training for coping with hot flashes: results of a randomized trial. Menopause. 2011 Jun; 18(6):611-20.
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        12. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Fitchett G, Ockene JK, Schnall E, Crawford S, Granek I, Manson J, Ockene I, O'Sullivan MJ, Powell L, Rapp S. Religion and healthy lifestyle behaviors among postmenopausal women: the women's health initiative. J Behav Med. 2011 Oct; 34(5):360-71.
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        13. Ockene I, Salmoirago-Blotcher E. Varenicline for smoking cessation in patients with coronary heart disease. Circulation. 2010 Jan 19; 121(2):188-90.
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        14. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Ockene IS. Methodological limitations of psychosocial interventions in patients with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) A systematic review. BMC Cardiovasc Disord. 2009; 9:56.
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        15. Lotan C, Hasin Y, Salmoirago E, Rozenman Y, Mosseri M, Admon D, Nassar H, Gotsman MS. The Radial Artery: An Applicable Approach to Complex Coronary Angioplasty. J Invasive Cardiol. 1997 Oct; 9(8):518-522.
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        16. Agostoni A, Gardinali M, Frangi D, Cugno M, Cafaro C, Conciato L, Sponzilli C, Salmoirago E. Thrombolytic treatment and complement activation. Ann Ital Med Int. 1994 Jul-Sep; 9(3):178-9.
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        17. Alli C, Avanzini F, DiTullio M, Mariotti G, Salmoirago E, Taioli E, Radice M. Left ventricular diastolic function in normotensive adolescents with different genetic risk of hypertension. Clin Cardiol. 1990 Feb; 13(2):115-8.
          View in: PubMed
        18. Radice M, Alli C, Di Tullio M, Guiducci D, Mariotti G, Salmoirago E, Taioli E. [Relations between pressure overload and early signs of cardiac involvement in arterial hypertension]. Cardiologia. 1989 Apr; 34(4):341-5.
          View in: PubMed
        19. Radice M, Albertini A, Alli C, Canciani C, Di Tullio M, Manzini M, Mariotti G, Salmoirago E, Taioli E, Zatta G, et al. Assessment of ventricular function in arterial hypertension with radionuclide ventriculography. Am J Med. 1988 Mar 11; 84(3A):133-5.
          View in: PubMed
        20. Mariotti G, Alli C, Avanzini F, Canciani C, Di Tullio M, Manzini M, Salmoirago E, Taioli E, Zussino A, Radice M. Arm position as a source of error in blood pressure measurement. Clin Cardiol. 1987 Oct; 10(10):591-3.
          View in: PubMed
        21. Radice M, Alli C, Avanzini F, Canciani C, Castelli MR, Di Tullio M, Giudici V, Manzini M, Mariotti G, Salmoirago E, et al. [Usefulness of exertion tests in the evaluation of the effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy]. G Ital Cardiol. 1987 May; 17(5):414-8.
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        22. Salmoirago-Blotcher E, Ockene I. Implementing behavioral change for blood pressure control at the provider level. Lin P-H, Svetkey LP. Nutrition, lifestyle factors, and blood pressure.
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