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    C Julie Abert MS, ANP-BCGraduate School of NursingAffiliate
    Margaret Ann Ackerman DNP,ANP-BC,GNP-BCGraduate School of Nursing
    Traci Lynne Alberti MSNGraduate School of NursingAssistant Professor
    Mary K Alexander EdDFamily Medicine and Community HealthProfessor Emeritus
    Angela Sabol Amano MSN, ACNP, AOCNPGraduate School of NursingInstructor
    Sarah Mary Doherty Amato BA, RN, MS, ANP-BCGraduate School of NursingInstructor
    Lisa Marie Arello RNCS, ANPGraduate School of NursingAffiliate
    Mehran Nesari Asdigha PharmDGraduate School of NursingAssistant Professor
    Suzanne M Ashton MS, APRN-BC, FNPGraduate School of NursingAffiliate
    Stefanie M Baker PharmDGraduate School of NursingAssistant Professor
    Robert A Baldor MDFamily Medicine and Community HealthProfessor
    Cathi A Bartolini APRN-BC, MS, RNGraduate School of NursingInstructor
    Jennifer Marie Beccia MSN, RNGraduate School of NursingInstructor
    Jayde L Bednarik PharmDGraduate School of NursingAssistant Professor
    Kathleen E Bell MSGraduate School of NursingInstructor
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