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Chromatin regulation Tip(60)s the balance in embryonic stem cell self-renewal.Academic Article Why?
Fazzio, ThomasPerson Why?
Temporal regulation of chromatin during myoblast differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of chromatin structure and cell fate by R-loops.Academic Article Why?
Induction of TLR4-target genes entails calcium/calmodulin-dependent regulation of chromatin remodeling.Academic Article Why?
RUNX1 contributes to higher-order chromatin organization and gene regulation in breast cancer cells.Academic Article Why?
Rules and regulation in the primary structure of chromatin.Academic Article Why?
Lawrence, JeannePerson Why?
A high-throughput chromatin immunoprecipitation approach reveals principles of dynamic gene regulation in mammals.Academic Article Why?
Runx2/Cbfa1 functions: diverse regulation of gene transcription by chromatin remodeling and co-regulatory protein interactions.Academic Article Why?
Chromatin-associated RNA interference components contribute to transcriptional regulation in Drosophila.Academic Article Why?
Mechanisms of action and regulation of ATP-dependent chromatin-remodelling complexes.Academic Article Why?
Imbalzano, AnthonyPerson Why?
Activity-Induced Regulation of Synaptic Strength through the Chromatin Reader L3mbtl1.Academic Article Why?
Bivalent Epigenetic Control of Oncofetal Gene Expression in Cancer.Academic Article Why?
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