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Grid-enabled measures: using Science 2.0 to standardize measures and share data.Academic Article Why?
From Big Data to Knowledge in the Social Sciences.Academic Article Why?
Sharing behavioral data through a grid infrastructure using data standards.Academic Article Why?
Hedgehogs, foxes, and a new science.Academic Article Why?
Improving graduate education to support a branching career pipeline: recommendations based on a survey of doctoral students in the basic biomedical sciences.Academic Article Why?
Forecast for reproducible data: partly cloudy.Academic Article Why?
The art and science of chart review.Academic Article Why?
Barriers and facilitators of evidence-based practice perceived by behavioral science health professionals.Academic Article Why?
Field evaluation of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. physical activity monitor.Academic Article Why?
Interpreting course evaluation results: insights from thinkaloud interviews with medical students.Academic Article Why?
Pathogenic CD4 T cells in type 1 diabetes recognize epitopes formed by peptide fusion.Academic Article Why?
Protective effects of a live attenuated SIV vaccine with a deletion in the nef gene.Academic Article Why?
Protective monotherapy against lethal Ebola virus infection by a potently neutralizing antibody.Academic Article Why?
Structural transitions upon ligand binding in a cooperative dimeric hemoglobin.Academic Article Why?
A catalog of reference genomes from the human microbiome.Academic Article Why?
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