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Using data science to diagnose and characterize heterogeneity of Alzheimer's disease.Academic Article Why?
Grid-enabled measures: using Science 2.0 to standardize measures and share data.Academic Article Why?
From Big Data to Knowledge in the Social Sciences.Academic Article Why?
Sharing behavioral data through a grid infrastructure using data standards.Academic Article Why?
Longitudinal Patterns of Symptoms, Medication and Hospice Use in Nursing Home Residents Approaching End of LifeGrant Why?
The data must be accessible to all.Academic Article Why?
Hedgehogs, foxes, and a new science.Academic Article Why?
Institute of medicine 2009 gestational weight gain guideline knowledge: survey of obstetrics/gynecology and family medicine residents of the United States.Academic Article Why?
Improving graduate education to support a branching career pipeline: recommendations based on a survey of doctoral students in the basic biomedical sciences.Academic Article Why?
Forecast for reproducible data: partly cloudy.Academic Article Why?
The art and science of chart review.Academic Article Why?
Barriers and facilitators of evidence-based practice perceived by behavioral science health professionals.Academic Article Why?
Behavior change interventions: the potential of ontologies for advancing science and practice.Academic Article Why?
Common Statistical Pitfalls in Basic Science Research.Academic Article Why?
Field evaluation of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. physical activity monitor.Academic Article Why?
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