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Melikian, HaleyPerson Why?
Presynaptic Gq-coupled receptors drive biphasic dopamine transporter trafficking that modulates dopamine clearance and motor function.Academic Article Why?
Striatal dopamine receptor plasticity in neurotensin deficient mice.Academic Article Why?
VGLUT2 Is a Determinant of Dopamine Neuron Resilience in a Rotenone Model of Dopamine Neurodegeneration.Academic Article Why?
A conserved dopamine-cholecystokinin signaling pathway shapes context-dependent Caenorhabditis elegans behavior.Academic Article Why?
Amphetamine-induced decreases in dopamine transporter surface expression are protein kinase C-independent.Academic Article Why?
A dopamine antagonist blocks vaginocervical stimulation-induced neuronal responses in the rat forebrain.Academic Article Why?
Effects of a short-course MDMA binge on dopamine transporter binding and on levels of dopamine and its metabolites in adult male rats.Academic Article Why?
Colocalization of D1 and D2 dopamine receptor mRNAs in striatal neurons.Academic Article Why?
Impaired ?-arrestin recruitment and reduced desensitization by non-catechol agonists of the D1 dopamine receptor.Academic Article Why?
In Situ Regulated Dopamine Transporter Trafficking: There's No Place Like Home.Academic Article Why?
Dopamine transporter endocytic determinants: carboxy terminal residues critical for basal and PKC-stimulated internalization.Academic Article Why?
Fluorescent and biotin probes for dopamine receptors: D1 and D2 receptor affinity and selectivity.Academic Article Why?
A corticosteroid/dopamine hypothesis for psychotic depression and related states.Academic Article Why?
Dopamine D2 receptor binding and cerebral glucose metabolism recover after D-penicillamine-therapy in Wilson's disease.Academic Article Why?
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