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An aneuploid mouse strain carrying human chromosome 21 with Down syndrome phenotypes.Academic Article Why?
An unusual pustular eruption in an infant with Down syndrome and a congenital leukemoid reaction.Academic Article Why?
Bone mineral density in adults with Down syndrome, intellectual disability, and nondisabled adults.Academic Article Why?
Early onset of presbyacusis in Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Emphasizing Oral Health Care in Children with Down Syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Family influences on adaptive development in young children with Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Hypothyroidism in Down syndrome: screening guidelines and testing methodology.Academic Article Why?
Interview: from Down's syndrome to basic epigenetics and back again.Academic Article Why?
Parent support improves weight loss in adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Progressive decline of picture naming in an aging Down syndrome man with dementia.Academic Article Why?
Stimulus Overselectivity in Autism, Down Syndrome, and Typical Development.Academic Article Why?
Translating dosage compensation to trisomy 21.Academic Article Why?
Microvascular changes in Down syndrome with Alzheimer-type pathology: Insights into a potential vascular mechanism for Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease.Academic Article Why?
An Unusual Manifestation of Celiac Disease in an Adolescent With Down Syndrome and Graves Disease.Academic Article Why?
Communication about emotions during storybook reading: Effects of an instruction programme for children with Down syndrome.Academic Article Why?
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