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Consent form readability and educational levels of potential participants in mental health research.Academic Article Why?
Cloze analysis in schizophrenic speech: scoring method and raters' education.Academic Article Why?
Correctional Health: Primary Care Research and Educational Opportunities. Journal of Correctional Health Care. 14(4), 278-289. (DOI) 10.1177/1078345808322696. OctoberAcademic Article Why?
The obstetrics team: midwives teaching residents and medical students on the labor and delivery unit.Academic Article Why?
Barriers to and facilitators of vocational development for Black young adults with serious mental illnesses.Academic Article Why?
An integrative review of American nurses' perceived cultural self-efficacy.Academic Article Why?
Factors Associated with Implementing the Integrated Behavioral Health Care Model and Iraqi Refugees in the USA.Academic Article Why?
Compassion fatigue, moral distress, and work engagement in surgical intensive care unit trauma nurses: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
iLook Out for Child Abuse: An Innovative Learning Module for Childcare ProvidersGrant Why?
Educational programs: effective or not?Academic Article Why?
Expert communication training for providers in community health centers.Academic Article Why?
Pilot Study of Standardized PatiEnt-CenTered medicatiOn Review (SPECTORx) in Home HospiceGrant Why?
Views and preferences of low-literate Hispanics regarding diabetes education: results of formative research.Academic Article Why?
COmuNity-engaged SimULation Training for Blood Pressure Control (CONSULT-BP)Grant Why?
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