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Training in transplant infectious diseases: A survey of infectious diseases and transplant infectious diseases fellows in the United States and Canada.Academic Article Why?
Fellowship training in infectious diseases: a report from the regional and national meetings of infectious diseases division chiefs and program directors.Academic Article Why?
Infectious diseases evidence assessments: evidence-based medicine in practice.Academic Article Why?
A synthesis of cost-utility analysis literature in infectious disease.Academic Article Why?
Agent-based evolving network modeling: a new simulation method for modeling low prevalence infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
Biosurveillance: a systematic review of global infectious disease surveillance systems from 1900 to 2016.Academic Article Why?
Call for Papers: Drug Resistance in Infectious Diseases and Beyond.Academic Article Why?
CD1-restricted T cells in host defense to infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
Forecasting high-priority infectious disease surveillance regions: a socioeconomic model.Academic Article Why?
Global Capacity for Emerging Infectious Disease Detection, 1996-2014.Academic Article Why?
Global capacity for emerging infectious disease detection.Academic Article Why?
History of U.S. military contributions to the study of vaccines against infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
Humanized mice as a preclinical tool for infectious disease and biomedical research.Academic Article Why?
Humanized mice for the study of infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
Impact of Changes in Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Location and Ownership on the Practice of Infectious Diseases.Academic Article Why?
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