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Asymptomatic Plasmodium vivax malaria in the Brazilian Amazon: Submicroscopic parasitemic blood infects Nyssorhynchus darlingi.Academic Article Why?
Induction of Inhibitory Receptors on T Cells During Plasmodium vivax Malaria Impairs Cytokine Production.Academic Article Why?
Neutrophil paralysis in Plasmodium vivax malaria.Academic Article Why?
The immunology of Plasmodium vivax malaria.Academic Article Why?
Transmission-blocking activity of antimalarials for Plasmodium vivax malaria in Anopheles darlingi.Academic Article Why?
Non-clinical toxicity and immunogenicity evaluation of a Plasmodium vivax malaria vaccine using Poly-ICLC (Hiltonol?) as adjuvant.Academic Article Why?
The CD14+CD16+ inflammatory monocyte subset displays increased mitochondrial activity and effector function during acute Plasmodium vivax malaria.Academic Article Why?
Adenosine pathway regulates inflammation during Plasmodium vivax infection.Academic Article Why?
DNA-Containing Immunocomplexes Promote Inflammasome Assembly and Release of Pyrogenic Cytokines by CD14+ CD16+ CD64high CD32low Inflammatory Monocytes from Malaria Patients.Academic Article Why?
Hepatic dysfunction in a patient with Plasmodium vivax infection.Academic Article Why?
High frequency of the Duffy-negative genotype and absence of Plasmodium vivax infections in Ghana.Academic Article Why?
Longitudinal Pooled Deep Sequencing of the Plasmodium vivax K12 Kelch Gene in Cambodia Reveals a Lack of Selection by Artemisinin.Academic Article Why?
Plasmodium vivax Infection Impairs Regulatory T-Cell Suppressive Function During Acute Malaria.Academic Article Why?
Selective sweep suggests transcriptional regulation may underlie Plasmodium vivax resilience to malaria control measures in Cambodia.Academic Article Why?
T follicular helper cells regulate the activation of B lymphocytes and antibody production during Plasmodium vivax infection.Academic Article Why?
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