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Mental health system historians: adults with schizophrenia describe changes in community mental health care over time.Academic Article Why?
The Latino mental health project: a local mental health needs assessment.Academic Article Why?
Integrated Mental Health Training Relates to Pediatric Residents' Confidence with Child Mental Health Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Be True to Our Schools-Models of Care in College Mental Health.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing No Child Left Behind-School mental health connections.Academic Article Why?
Forensic services, public mental health policy, and financing: charting the course ahead.Academic Article Why?
Ethical Imperatives for Participation in Integrated/Collaborative Care Models for Pediatric Mental Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of consumer providers into mental health intensive case management teams.Academic Article Why?
Mental health issues among college students: who gets referred for psychopharmacology evaluation?Academic Article Why?
Mental Health Management Among Older Youth in Foster Care: Service Utilization and Preparedness.Academic Article Why?
Policy Recommendations to Promote Integrated Mental Health Care for Children and Youth.Academic Article Why?
School-Based Disaster Recovery: Promotion of Children's Mental Health Over the Long Haul.Academic Article Why?
The Need for Practice Transformation in Children's Mental Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Explication and Definition of Mental Health Recovery: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Improving risk adjustment of self-reported mental health outcomes.Academic Article Why?
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