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A comprehensive evaluation of commonly used accelerometer energy expenditure and MET prediction equations.Academic Article Why?
Accelerometer prediction of energy expenditure: vector magnitude versus vertical axis.Academic Article Why?
Accuracy of accelerometer regression models in predicting energy expenditure and METs in children and youth.Academic Article Why?
Adenylate kinase 2 links mitochondrial energy metabolism to the induction of the unfolded protein response.Academic Article Why?
Body composition and energy expenditure in adolescents with cerebral palsy or myelodysplasia.Academic Article Why?
Computational methods for estimating energy expenditure in human physical activities.Academic Article Why?
Defects in adaptive energy metabolism with CNS-linked hyperactivity in PGC-1alpha null mice.Academic Article Why?
Endocrine regulation of energy metabolism by the skeleton.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure and body composition in Prader-Willi syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure and enjoyment of common children's games in a simulated free-play environment.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure during carbohydrate overfeeding in obese and nonobese adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Energy Expenditure for 70 Activities in Children and Adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure in obese and nonobese adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure in prepubescent children: influence of sex and age.Academic Article Why?
Energy expenditure of selected household activities during pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
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