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Pregnancy-associated morphea: a case report and literature review.Academic Article Why?
Upcoming treatments for morphea.Academic Article Why?
Jak Inhibition Prevents Bleomycin-Induced Fibrosis in Mice and Is Effective in Patients with Morphea.Academic Article Why?
Scleroderma, LocalizedConcept Why?
Use of 3-Dimensional Stereophotogrammetry to Detect Disease Progression in Craniofacial Morphea.Academic Article Why?
Rashighi Firoozabadi, MehdiPerson Why?
CXCL9 Links Skin Inflammation and Fibrosis through CXCR3-Dependent Upregulation of Col1a1 in Fibroblasts.Academic Article Why?
Richmond, JillianPerson Why?
Deng, AprilPerson Why?
Harris, JohnPerson Why?
Mahmoud, BasselPerson Why?
Free flap valvular transplantation for refractory venous ulceration.Academic Article Why?
Reusch, DianaPerson Why?
Anderson, FrederickPerson Why?
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