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Pagoto, SherryPerson Why?
Kim, JasonPerson Why?
Czech, MichaelPerson Why?
Student obesity prevalence and behavioral outcomes for the massachusetts childhood obesity research demonstration project.Academic Article Why?
Bandini, LindaPerson Why?
Rosal, MilagrosPerson Why?
The abnormal measures of iron homeostasis in pediatric obesity are associated with the inflammation of obesity.Academic Article Why?
Waring, MollyPerson Why?
Zierath, JuleenPerson Why?
Epigenetics and childhood obesity.Academic Article Why?
ASGE EndoVators Summit: Defining the role and value of endoscopic therapies in obesity management.Academic Article Why?
Associations of Dispositional Mindfulness with Obesity and Central Adiposity: the New England Family Study.Academic Article Why?
Medical and surgical management of obesity.Academic Article Why?
New developments in the pharmacologic treatment of obesity.Academic Article Why?
Severe obesity and diabetes insipidus in a patient with PCSK1 deficiency.Academic Article Why?
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