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Hairpin-like fluorescent probe for imaging of NF-?B transcription factor activity.Academic Article Why?
Molecular Imaging Probes for Reporting on Vascular Oxidative ResponseGrant Why?
High-affinity alphavbeta3 integrin targeted optical probe as a new imaging biomarker for early atherosclerosis: initial studies in Watanabe rabbits.Academic Article Why?
Dual-functional gadolinium-based copper(II) probe for selective magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescence sensing.Academic Article Why?
Peroxidase Sensitive Amplifiable Probe for Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Pulmonary Inflammation.Academic Article Why?
Phenoxide-Bridged Zinc(II)-Bis(dipicolylamine) Probes for Molecular Imaging of Cell Death.Academic Article Why?
In vivo imaging of tumors with protease-activated near-infrared fluorescent probes.Academic Article Why?
Correlated AFM and NanoSIMS imaging to probe cholesterol-induced changes in phase behavior and non-ideal mixing in ternary lipid membranes.Academic Article Why?
Molecular magnetic resonance contrast agents for the detection of cancer: past and present.Academic Article Why?
Magnetic resonance signal amplification probes.Academic Article Why?
Micro-imaging catheters for high-resolution, image-guided, endovascular repair of brain aneurysmsGrant Why?
Visualization of single molecules of mRNA in situ.Academic Article Why?
In vivo fluorescence lifetime detection of an activatable probe in infarcted myocardium.Academic Article Why?
Detection of Aspergillus fumigatus pulmonary fungal infections in mice with (99m)Tc-labeled MORF oligomers targeting ribosomal RNA.Academic Article Why?
Fluorocarbons Enhance Intracellular Delivery of Short STAT3-sensors and Enable Specific Imaging.Academic Article Why?
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