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Community Mental Health ServicesConcept Why?
Community mental health services and the prevalence of severe mental illness in local jails: are they related?Academic Article Why?
Nicholson, JoannePerson Why?
A qualitative study of programs for parents with serious mental illness and their children: building practice-based evidence.Academic Article Why?
Abi Zeid Daou, MargaritaPerson Why?
Adaptation of the patient feedback survey at a community treatment setting.Academic Article Why?
American "community" psychiatry.Academic Article Why?
Applying service-learning through a community-academic partnership: depression screening at a federally funded community health center.Academic Article Why?
Best practices: Visions for best practices in using coercion in mental health care.Academic Article Why?
Commentary on "Community mental health care for women with severe mental illness who are parents" - The tragedy of missed opportunities: of missed opportunities: What providers can do.Academic Article Why?
Commentary: the search for a formula to relate competence, coercion, and mandated treatment.Academic Article Why?
Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT): opportunities for community psychologists in chronic disease prevention.Academic Article Why?
Community-based, acute posttraumatic stress management: a description and evaluation of a psychosocial-intervention continuum.Academic Article Why?
Costs of clubhouses: an international perspective.Academic Article Why?
Developing a community science research agenda for building community capacity for effective preventive interventions.Academic Article Why?
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