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Advancing Translational Science for Pulmonary NTM Infections: A Roadmap for Research.Academic Article Why?
Translational ScienceDepartment Why?
UMASS Clinical and Translational Science Award (UMCCTS) Pilot AwardAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Additional perspectives on transforming science into medicine.Academic Article Why?
Martins, PauloPerson Why?
Translational behavior analysis: from laboratory science in stimulus control to intervention with persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities.Academic Article Why?
Translational Epidemiology: Entering a Brave New World of Team Science.Academic Article Why?
What Is Hot and New in Basic and Translational Science in Liver Transplantation in 2019? Report of the Basic and Translational Research Committee of the International Liver Transplantation Society.Academic Article Why?
Han, GangPerson Why?
Lemon, StepheniePerson Why?
Rosal, MilagrosPerson Why?
Hafer, NathanielPerson Why?
Mandrekar, PranotiPerson Why?
Giatsidis, GiorgioPerson Why?
Patel, ShyamPerson Why?
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