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Corvera, SilviaPerson Why?
Czech, MichaelPerson Why?
Guertin, DavidPerson Why?
Brown Adipose Tissue Development and Metabolism.Academic Article Why?
Dicer is required for the formation of white but not brown adipose tissue.Academic Article Why?
Differential roles of FOXO transcription factors on insulin action in brown and white adipose tissue.Academic Article Why?
Adipocyte Heterogeneity Underlying Adipose Tissue Functions.Academic Article Why?
Accumulation of succinate controls activation of adipose tissue thermogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of viral insulins reveals white adipose tissue-specific effects in mice.Academic Article Why?
Exercise Training Promotes Sex-Specific Adaptations in Mouse Inguinal White Adipose Tissue.Academic Article Why?
?3-Adrenergic receptor stimulation induces E-selectin-mediated adipose tissue inflammation.Academic Article Why?
A feed-forward regulatory loop in adipose tissue promotes signaling by the hepatokine FGF21.Academic Article Why?
Acute rejection of white adipose tissue allograft.Academic Article Why?
Adipose tissue angiogenesis assay.Academic Article Why?
Adipose tissue angiogenesis: impact on obesity and type-2 diabetes.Academic Article Why?
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