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Consent form readability and educational levels of potential participants in mental health research.Academic Article Why?
Wink, AlexandraPerson Why?
Cloze analysis in schizophrenic speech: scoring method and raters' education.Academic Article Why?
Correctional Health: Primary Care Research and Educational Opportunities. Journal of Correctional Health Care. 14(4), 278-289. (DOI) 10.1177/1078345808322696. OctoberAcademic Article Why?
Erban, StephenPerson Why?
Collins, AmandaPerson Why?
Luckmann, RogerPerson Why?
Cosar, ElifcePerson Why?
Morris, NancyPerson Why?
The obstetrics team: midwives teaching residents and medical students on the labor and delivery unit.Academic Article Why?
Kornfeld, HardyPerson Why?
Smith, ThomasPerson Why?
Bova, CarolPerson Why?
Giannaris, Eustathia LelaPerson Why?
Violette, CathyPerson Why?
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