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Intestinal epithelial cells and their role in innate mucosal immunity.Academic Article Why?
Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Supports Gut Mucosal Immunity and Commensal Microbiome Recognition in Autoimmune Arthritis.Academic Article Why?
IgA MAb blocks SARS-CoV-2 Spike-ACE2 interaction providing mucosal immunity.Academic Article Why?
Neuro-innate immune interactions in gut mucosal immunity.Academic Article Why?
Immunity, MucosalConcept Why?
Mucosal immunity and novel tuberculosis vaccine strategies: route of immunisation-determined T-cell homing to restricted lung mucosal compartments.Academic Article Why?
The pathogenesis of necrotic proliferative colitis in swine is linked to whipworm induced suppression of mucosal immunity to resident bacteria.Academic Article Why?
Cavacini, LisaPerson Why?
A combination of Flt3 ligand cDNA and CpG ODN as nasal adjuvant elicits NALT dendritic cells for prolonged mucosal immunity.Academic Article Why?
A DNA vaccine prime followed by a liposome-encapsulated protein boost confers enhanced mucosal immune responses and protection.Academic Article Why?
Aberrant type 1 immunity drives susceptibility to mucosal fungal infections.Academic Article Why?
Activation of intestinal tuft cell-expressed Sucnr1 triggers type 2 immunity in the mouse small intestine.Academic Article Why?
An atypical population of NK cells that spontaneously secrete IFN-gamma and IL-4 is present in the intraepithelial lymphoid compartment of the rat.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of the Human Mucosal Response to Cholera Reveals Sustained Activation of Innate Immune Signaling Pathways.Academic Article Why?
CCR5 genotype and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-specific mucosal antibody in seronegative women at high risk for HIV infection.Academic Article Why?
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