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Lethal means restriction for suicide prevention: beliefs and behaviors of emergency department providers.Academic Article Why?
Suicide Prevention in an Emergency Department Population: The ED-SAFE Study.Academic Article Why?
Screening and Intervention for Suicide Prevention: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the ED-SAFE Interventions.Academic Article Why?
Emergency department safety assessment and follow-up evaluation 2: An implementation trial to improve suicide prevention.Academic Article Why?
Technology-Assisted Systems Change for Suicide Prevention (TASCS)Grant Why?
Social work education in suicide intervention and prevention: an unmet need?Academic Article Why?
Systems Approach to Suicide Prevention: Strengthening Culture, Practice, and Education.Academic Article Why?
Prevention of suicidal behaviour: Results of a controlled community-based intervention study in four European countries.Academic Article Why?
The InterSePT suicide scale for prediction of imminent suicidal behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Suicide and the surrogate.Academic Article Why?
Additional effect size measures helpful in understanding lithium and valproate trial results.Academic Article Why?
Predictive utility of an emergency department decision support tool in patients with active suicidal ideation.Academic Article Why?
Boudreaux, EdwinPerson Why?
Effect of an Emergency Department Process Improvement Package on Suicide Prevention: The ED-SAFE 2 Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
Acute and intensive care nurses' perspectives on suicide prevention with medically hospitalized patients: Exploring barriers, facilitators, interests, and training opportunities.Academic Article Why?
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