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Chemogenetic Inactivation of Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex Neurons Disrupts Attentional Behavior in Mouse.Academic Article Why?
Melikian, HaleyPerson Why?
Neurexins in serotonergic neurons regulate neuronal survival, serotonin transmission, and complex mouse behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Cognition and mood-related behaviors in L3mbtl1 null mutant mice.Academic Article Why?
Phf8 loss confers resistance to depression-like and anxiety-like behaviors in mice.Academic Article Why?
Deletion of the Bax gene disrupts sexual behavior and modestly impairs motor function in mice.Academic Article Why?
Dopamine requires the unoccupied progesterone receptor to induce sexual behavior in mice.Academic Article Why?
Food anticipatory activity behavior of mice across a wide range of circadian and non-circadian intervals.Academic Article Why?
Hormonal restoration of masculine sexual behavior in long-term castrated B6D2F1 mice.Academic Article Why?
Retention of masculine sexual behavior following castration in male B6D2F1 mice.Academic Article Why?
Peri-adolescent asthma symptoms cause adult anxiety-related behavior and neurobiological processes in mice.Academic Article Why?
Valproate reverses mania-like behaviors in mice via preferential targeting of HDAC2.Academic Article Why?
The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Regulates Anxiety-Like Behavior in Mice.Academic Article Why?
The power of automated high-resolution behavior analysis revealed by its application to mouse models of Huntington's and prion diseases.Academic Article Why?
Developmental time course and effects of immunostressors that alter hormone-responsive behavior on microglia in the peripubertal and adult female mouse brain.Academic Article Why?
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