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Does progression through the stages of physical addiction indicate increasing overall addiction to tobacco?Academic Article Why?
Addiction-Associated Genetic Variants Implicate Brain Cell Type- and Region-Specific Cis-Regulatory Elements in Addiction Neurobiology.Academic Article Why?
A new approach to the diagnosis of tobacco addiction.Academic Article Why?
Moral disapproval and perceived addiction to internet pornography: a longitudinal examination.Academic Article Why?
Searching for clarity in muddy water: future considerations for classifying compulsive sexual behavior as an addiction.Academic Article Why?
Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction?Academic Article Why?
The effect of matching comprehensive services to patients' needs on drug use improvement in addiction treatment.Academic Article Why?
The Opioid Overdose Resuscitation Education for Addiction Counselors and Trainees (Opioid Overdose REACT) naloxone response education pilot project improved confidence and knowledge among addiction counselors and trainees.Academic Article Why?
Medications in the treatment of addiction: workplace issues.Academic Article Why?
A 2015 Update on The Natural History and Diagnosis of Nicotine Addiction.Academic Article Why?
A mobile addiction service for community-based overdose prevention.Academic Article Why?
A study of multiple behavioral addictions in a substance abuse sample.Academic Article Why?
Accessibility of addiction treatment: results from a national survey of outpatient substance abuse treatment organizations.Academic Article Why?
Addiction and chronic pain: diagnostic and treatment dilemmas.Academic Article Why?
Addressing tobacco among individuals with a mental illness or an addiction.Academic Article Why?
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