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Child and adolescent mental health policy: promise to provision.Academic Article Why?
Preface. Hot Topics in Adolescent Health.Academic Article Why?
State child mental health efforts to support youth in transition to adulthood.Academic Article Why?
What mediates the relationship between family meals and adolescent health issues.Academic Article Why?
Advancing medical education training in adolescent health.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent Health ServicesConcept Why?
Screening for mental health using adolescent-reported parenting.Academic Article Why?
Confidentiality in health care. A survey of knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes among high school students.Academic Article Why?
Effects of a community-based sex education and reproductive health service program on contraceptive use of unmarried youths in Shanghai.Academic Article Why?
Health behavior interests of adolescents with unhealthy diet and exercise: implications for weight management.Academic Article Why?
Developing a community-based participatory research model to engage transition age youth using mental health service in research.Academic Article Why?
Within-state availability of transition-to-adulthood services for youths with serious mental health conditions.Academic Article Why?
Intentional injury surveillance in a primary care pediatric setting.Academic Article Why?
Fostering health: Health care for children and youth in foster care.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent Sexual Health Education: Parents Benefit Too!Academic Article Why?
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