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Child abuse pediatrics: prevention, evaluation, and treatment.Academic Article Why?
Yang, ChengwuPerson Why?
Connecting randomized controlled trials (RCT) and real world studies (RWS): seamless design and implementation, with illustration of a large child abuse prevention studyAcademic Article Why?
Which Mothers Know That All Babies Cry? A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Child Abuse Prevention Program for Low-Income New Mothers.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of a child sexual abuse prevention program.Academic Article Why?
VanVleet, MarciaPerson Why?
Reed, GeorgePerson Why?
Intentional injury management and prevention in pediatric practice: results from 1998 and 2003 American Academy of Pediatrics Periodic Surveys.Academic Article Why?
Effect of age-at-release on long term sexual re-offense rates in civilly committed sexual offenders.Academic Article Why?
Singh, SonalPerson Why?
Chasan-Taber, LisaPerson Why?
Weinreb, LindaPerson Why?
Najavits, LisaPerson Why?
Candib, LucyPerson Why?
Fantasia, HeidiPerson Why?
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