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Lawrence, JeannePerson Why?
Hypertonic treatment during premature chromosome condensation allows visualization of interphase chromosome breaks repaired with fast kinetics in irradiated CHO cells.Academic Article Why?
Hypertonic treatment does not affect the radiation yield of interphase chromosome breaks in DNA double-strand break repair-deficient xrs-5 cells.Academic Article Why?
Lentiviral gene therapy for X-linked chronic granulomatous disease.Academic Article Why?
Negative allogeneic effects in vitro. II. Mapping of histocompatibility differences leading to allosuppression.Academic Article Why?
Usmani, SaadPerson Why?
Li, ShaoguangPerson Why?
Torres, EduardoPerson Why?
Ginns, EdwardPerson Why?
Flotte, TerencePerson Why?
Matijasevic, ZdenkaPerson Why?
Current treatment options: impact of cytogenetics on the course of myelodysplasia.Academic Article Why?
Hall-Anderson, LisaPerson Why?
Castilla, LucioPerson Why?
Treatment of multiple myeloma with high-risk cytogenetics: a consensus of the International Myeloma Working Group.Academic Article Why?
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