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Quantification of clinical consultations in academic emergency radiology.Academic Article Why?
Gaba, AyorkorPerson Why?
Automatically extracting information needs from Ad Hoc clinical questions.Academic Article Why?
Houston, ThomasPerson Why?
Boudreaux, EdwinPerson Why?
Could home sexually transmitted infection specimen collection with e-prescription be a cost-effective strategy for clinical trials and clinical care?Academic Article Why?
A computer-based outpatient clinical referral system.Academic Article Why?
A randomized clinical trial of the health evaluation and referral assistant (HERA): research methods.Academic Article Why?
Panic disorder in clinically referred children and adolescents.Academic Article Why?
Relationship between race and ethnicity and forensic clinical triage dispositions.Academic Article Why?
Appelbaum, KennethPerson Why?
English, ThomasPerson Why?
Clinical diagnostic accuracy and magnetic resonance imaging of patients referred by physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, and nonorthopaedic providers.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating the QUIT-PRIMO clinical practice ePortal to increase smoker engagement with online cessation interventions: a national hybrid type 2 implementation study.Academic Article Why?
Lightdale, JeniferPerson Why?
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