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Clinical data mining.Academic Article Why?
Drug safety data mining with a tree-based scan statistic.Academic Article Why?
Yu, HongPerson Why?
Data MiningConcept Why?
Liu, FeifanPerson Why?
An IR-aided machine learning framework for the BioCreative II.5 Challenge.Academic Article Why?
Automatic discourse connective detection in biomedical text.Academic Article Why?
Biomedical negation scope detection with conditional random fields.Academic Article Why?
BioNØT: a searchable database of biomedical negated sentences.Academic Article Why?
Detecting hedge cues and their scope in biomedical text with conditional random fields.Academic Article Why?
Development and testing of tools to detect ambulatory surgical adverse events.Academic Article Why?
Figure summarizer browser extensions for PubMed Central.Academic Article Why?
Figure-associated text summarization and evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Identifying major hemorrhage with automated data: results of the Veterans Affairs study to improve anticoagulation (VARIA).Academic Article Why?
Influence of the sequence environment and properties of neighboring amino acids on amino-acetylation: relevance for structure-function analysis.Academic Article Why?
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