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Schiffer, CeliaPerson Why?
CD44 promotes multi-drug resistance by protecting P-glycoprotein from FBXO21-mediated ubiquitination.Academic Article Why?
Kurt Yilmaz, NesePerson Why?
A Balance between Inhibitor Binding and Substrate Processing Confers Influenza Drug Resistance.Academic Article Why?
A biomaterial screening approach reveals microenvironmental mechanisms of drug resistance.Academic Article Why?
Ahead of the curve: next generation estimators of drug resistance in malaria infections.Academic Article Why?
Amplification of specific DNA sequences correlates with multi-drug resistance in Chinese hamster cells.Academic Article Why?
Antiretroviral Drug Use and HIV Drug Resistance Among Young Women in Rural South Africa: HPTN 068.Academic Article Why?
Combating susceptibility to drug resistance: lessons from HIV-1 protease.Academic Article Why?
Computer prediction of drug resistance mutations in proteins.Academic Article Why?
Cooperative effects of drug-resistance mutations in the flap region of HIV-1 protease.Academic Article Why?
CRISPR-Cas9-mediated saturated mutagenesis screen predicts clinical drug resistance with improved accuracy.Academic Article Why?
Deciphering Antifungal Drug Resistance in Pneumocystis jirovecii DHFR with Molecular Dynamics and Machine Learning.Academic Article Why?
Dried whole-plant Artemisia annua slows evolution of malaria drug resistance and overcomes resistance to artemisinin.Academic Article Why?
Elucidating the Interdependence of Drug Resistance from Combinations of Mutations.Academic Article Why?
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