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Emerging landscape of genomics in the Electronic Health Record for personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
Functional genomics reveal that the serine synthesis pathway is essential in breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Genomics tools for unraveling chromosome architecture.Academic Article Why?
RNAi-nanoparticulate manipulation of gene expression as a new functional genomics tool in the liver.Academic Article Why?
A functional genomics approach to identify and characterize oxidation resistance genes.Academic Article Why?
Atrial fibrillation: current knowledge and future directions in epidemiology and genomics.Academic Article Why?
Burkitt lymphoma pathogenesis and therapeutic targets from structural and functional genomics.Academic Article Why?
Cancer genetics and genomics: essentials for oncology nurses.Academic Article Why?
Chromatin structure in the genomics era.Academic Article Why?
Comparative Genomics Reveals Chd1 as a Determinant of Nucleosome Spacing in Vivo.Academic Article Why?
Comparative genomics: prediction of the ciliary and basal body proteome.Academic Article Why?
Development of a curriculum in molecular diagnostics, genomics and personalized medicine for dermatology trainees.Academic Article Why?
Toward high-resolution population genomics using archaeological samples.Academic Article Why?
Travel Surveillance and Genomics Uncover a Hidden Zika Outbreak during the Waning Epidemic.Academic Article Why?
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