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Murine craniofacial development requires Hdac3-mediated repression of Msx gene expression.Academic Article Why?
Trivedi, ChinmayPerson Why?
Hdac3 regulates lymphovenous and lymphatic valve formation.Academic Article Why?
The Xist lncRNA interacts directly with SHARP to silence transcription through HDAC3.Academic Article Why?
Targeting histone deacetylase 3 (HDAC3) in the bone marrow microenvironment inhibits multiple myeloma proliferation by modulating exosomes and IL-6 trans-signaling.Academic Article Why?
Transgenic overexpression of Hdac3 in the heart produces increased postnatal cardiac myocyte proliferation but does not induce hypertrophy.Academic Article Why?
Keaney, JohnPerson Why?
Lawson, NathanPerson Why?
Shin, MasahiroPerson Why?
Camci-Unal, GuldenPerson Why?
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