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Use of Japanese encephalitis vaccine in US travel medicine practices in Global TravEpiNet.Academic Article Why?
Clinical and immunological risk factors for severe disease in Japanese encephalitis.Academic Article Why?
CpG oligonucleotides protect against Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infection in a route-dependent manner.Academic Article Why?
Herpes simplex virus 1 interaction with Toll-like receptor 2 contributes to lethal encephalitis.Academic Article Why?
Investigations of caspr2, an autoantigen of encephalitis and neuromyotonia.Academic Article Why?
MRI volumetric analysis in rasmussen encephalitis: a longitudinal study.Academic Article Why?
Polymerase chain reaction for detection of herpes simplex virus encephalitis.Academic Article Why?
Toxoplasma encephalitis in an HIV-infected patient on highly active antiretroviral therapy despite sustained immune response.Academic Article Why?
MRI findings in eastern equine encephalitis: the "parenthesis" sign.Academic Article Why?
Improving the Identification and Diagnosis of Autoimmune Encephalitis Patients: A Departmental Quality Improvement ProjectAcademic Article Why?
Astrocyte- and Neuron-Derived CXCL1 Drives Neutrophil Transmigration and Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Viral Encephalitis.Academic Article Why?
Eastern equine encephalitis in children, Massachusetts and New Hampshire,USA, 1970-2010.Academic Article Why?
Infectious Temporal Lobe Encephalitis-Not Just Herpes!Academic Article Why?
Leucine-rich glioma-inactivated protein 1 antibody encephalitis: A case report.Academic Article Why?
Media attention and public perceptions of cancer and eastern equine encephalitis.Academic Article Why?
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