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Swain, SusanPerson Why?
Ennis, FrancisPerson Why?
Modeling the Impacts of Clinical Influenza Testing on Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates.Academic Article Why?
The role of platelets in mediating a response to human influenza infection.Academic Article Why?
Use of DNA encoding influenza hemagglutinin as an avian influenza vaccine.Academic Article Why?
Wang, JenniferPerson Why?
A human CD4+ T cell epitope in the influenza hemagglutinin is cross-reactive to influenza A virus subtypes and to influenza B virus.Academic Article Why?
Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness for Prevention of Severe Influenza-Associated Illness Among Adults in the United States, 2019-2020: A Test-Negative Study.Academic Article Why?
Non-neutralizing antibody responses following A(H1N1)pdm09 influenza vaccination with or without AS03 adjuvant system.Academic Article Why?
Bona Fide Th17 Cells without Th1 Functional Plasticity Protect against Influenza.Academic Article Why?
Direct Visualization of the Conformational Dynamics of Single Influenza Hemagglutinin Trimers.Academic Article Why?
T cell epitope engineering: an avian H7N9 influenza vaccine strategy for pandemic preparedness and response.Academic Article Why?
Vaccine Effectiveness Against Influenza A(H3N2)-Associated Hospitalized Illness: United States, 2022.Academic Article Why?
Vaccines against pandemic influenza.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative structural analysis of influenza virus by cryo-electron tomography and convolutional neural networks.Academic Article Why?
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