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Alcohol Behavioral Couple Therapy: In-session behavior, active ingredients and mechanisms of behavior change.Academic Article Why?
The ENGAGE-2 study: Engaging self-regulation targets to understand the mechanisms of behavior change and improve mood and weight outcomes in a randomized controlled trial (Phase 2).Academic Article Why?
Holzhauer, CathrynPerson Why?
Epstein, ElizabethPerson Why?
Fulwiler, CarlPerson Why?
Yemini, EviatarPerson Why?
Francis, MichaelPerson Why?
Singer, JoshuaPerson Why?
Pediatric Practice-based Obesity Intervention to Support Families: FITLINEGrant Why?
Lyle, StephenPerson Why?
Lewis, BrianPerson Why?
Simin, KarlPerson Why?
Emery, PatrickPerson Why?
Pbert, LoriPerson Why?
Gerber, BenPerson Why?
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