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Mental health system historians: adults with schizophrenia describe changes in community mental health care over time.Academic Article Why?
The Latino mental health project: a local mental health needs assessment.Academic Article Why?
Integrated Mental Health Training Relates to Pediatric Residents' Confidence with Child Mental Health Disorders.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing No Child Left Behind-School mental health connections.Academic Article Why?
Forensic services, public mental health policy, and financing: charting the course ahead.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of consumer providers into mental health intensive case management teams.Academic Article Why?
Mental health issues among college students: who gets referred for psychopharmacology evaluation?Academic Article Why?
Improving risk adjustment of self-reported mental health outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Mental health care use in relation to depressive symptoms among pregnant women in the USA.Academic Article Why?
Comparing aspects of mental health legislation of Israel and Massachusetts.Academic Article Why?
Depressed medical students' use of mental health services and barriers to use.Academic Article Why?
A collaborative care model to improve access to pediatric mental health services.Academic Article Why?
A novel approach for mental health disease management: the Air Force Medical Service's interdisciplinary model.Academic Article Why?
A university-state-corporation partnership for providing correctional mental health services.Academic Article Why?
Aligning Mental Health Treatments with the Developmental Stage and Needs of Late Adolescents and Young Adults.Academic Article Why?
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