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Military MedicineConcept Why?
A low-intensity intervention to prevent annual weight gain in active duty Air Force members.Academic Article Why?
A novel approach for mental health disease management: the Air Force Medical Service's interdisciplinary model.Academic Article Why?
Anesthesiology in the military since 2001: an historical view of the lessons learned from more than a decade of war.Academic Article Why?
Casualties abroad and at home.Academic Article Why?
Emergency medical support units to critical care transport teams in Iraq.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of role 2 (R2) medical resources in the Afghanistan combat theater: Initial review of the joint trauma system R2 registry.Academic Article Why?
Evolution of Pararescue medicine during operation Enduring Freedom.Academic Article Why?
Giatsidis, GiorgioPerson Why?
History of U.S. military contributions to the study of vaccines against infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
Military trauma system in Afghanistan: lessons for civil systems?Academic Article Why?
Military use of tranexamic acid in combat trauma: Does it matter?Academic Article Why?
Preparedness for treating victims of terrorist attacks in Australia: Learning from recent military experience.Academic Article Why?
The 912th forward surgical team in Operation New Dawn: employment of the forward surgical team during troop withdrawal under combat conditions.Academic Article Why?
Transgender veterans are inadequately understood by health care providers.Academic Article Why?
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