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M2, M3, and M4 muscarinic receptors are expressed in the guinea pig gallbladder.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacological discrimination between muscarinic receptor signal transduction cascades with bethanechol chloride.Academic Article Why?
Interaction of agonists and selective antagonists with gastric smooth muscle muscarinic receptors.Academic Article Why?
Ligand binding and G protein coupling of muscarinic receptors in airway smooth muscle.Academic Article Why?
M1 muscarinic receptors inhibit L-type Ca2+ current and M-current by divergent signal transduction cascades.Academic Article Why?
Muscarinic receptor reserve for inhibition of cAMP accumulation in bovine trachealis cells.Academic Article Why?
Type 3 Muscarinic Receptors Contribute to Clearance of Citrobacter rodentium.Academic Article Why?
Muscarinic receptors induce LTD of NMDAR EPSCs via a mechanism involving hippocalcin, AP2 and PSD-95.Academic Article Why?
Ca2+ channel beta3 subunit enhances voltage-dependent relief of G-protein inhibition induced by muscarinic receptor activation and Gbetagamma.Academic Article Why?
Receptor, Muscarinic M1Concept Why?
Receptor, Muscarinic M2Concept Why?
Receptor, Muscarinic M3Concept Why?
Receptor, Muscarinic M4Concept Why?
Receptor, Muscarinic M5Concept Why?
Receptors, MuscarinicConcept Why?
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