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Yu, HongPerson Why?
Automated identification of postoperative complications within an electronic medical record using natural language processing.Academic Article Why?
Natural language processing and visualization in the molecular imaging domain.Academic Article Why?
Qualifying Certainty in Radiology Reports through Deep Learning-Based Natural Language Processing.Academic Article Why?
Identify suicidal encounters in emergency department (ED) setting using machine learning and natural language processingAcademic Article Why?
Integrating Natural Language Processing with Image Processing: What We Learned from Real-World ApplicationsAcademic Article Why?
Memory reconsolidation for natural language processing.Academic Article Why?
Natural Language ProcessingConcept Why?
Classification of CT pulmonary angiography reports by presence, chronicity, and location of pulmonary embolism with natural language processing.Academic Article Why?
Natural Language Processing for Real-Time Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Surveillance: Results of a Pilot Implementation Trial.Academic Article Why?
Overview of the First Natural Language Processing Challenge for Extracting Medication, Indication, and Adverse Drug Events from Electronic Health Record Notes (MADE 1.0).Academic Article Why?
Liu, FeifanPerson Why?
A Natural Language Processing System That Links Medical Terms in Electronic Health Record Notes to Lay Definitions: System Development Using Physician Reviews.Academic Article Why?
Chen, JinyingPerson Why?
Web-based Real-Time Case Finding for the Population Health Management of Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: A Prospective Validation of the Natural Language Processing-Based Algorithm With Statewide Electronic Medical Records.Academic Article Why?
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