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Characterization of calcium-activated potassium channels in single smooth muscle cells using the patch-clamp technique.Academic Article Why?
Patch-Clamp TechniquesConcept Why?
Martin, GillesPerson Why?
Lemos, JosePerson Why?
ZhuGe, RonghuaPerson Why?
Singer, JoshuaPerson Why?
van Zundert, BrigittePerson Why?
[Effects of flunarizine on T-type calcium channels in mouse spermatogenic cells].Academic Article Why?
A derivatized scorpion toxin reveals the functional output of heteromeric KCNQ1-KCNE K+ channel complexes.Academic Article Why?
A High-Throughput Electrophysiology Assay Identifies Inhibitors of the Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channel Kir7.1.Academic Article Why?
Alternative splicing of the NMDAR1 subunit affects modulation by calcium.Academic Article Why?
Beta-subunits are important modulators of the acute response to alcohol in human BK channels.Academic Article Why?
BK channel subunit composition modulates molecular tolerance to ethanol.Academic Article Why?
Ca(2+) spark sites in smooth muscle cells are numerous and differ in number of ryanodine receptors, large-conductance K(+) channels, and coupling ratio between them.Academic Article Why?
Ca2+ syntillas, miniature Ca2+ release events in terminals of hypothalamic neurons, are increased in frequency by depolarization in the absence of Ca2+ influx.Academic Article Why?
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