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Ethical Dilemmas in Global Plastic Surgery: Divergent Perspectives of Local and Visiting Surgeons.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating a plastic surgery academic faculty position.Academic Article Why?
Philanthropy in Plastic Surgery: Best Practices and Measuring Impact.Academic Article Why?
McIntyre, JoycePerson Why?
Is Nicotine Replacement a Safe Alternative to Smoking in Plastic Surgery Patients?Academic Article Why?
Plastic SurgeryDivision Why?
Surgery, PlasticConcept Why?
Applicant Familiarity Becomes Most Important Evaluation Factor in USMLE Step I Conversion to Pass/Fail: A Survey of Plastic Surgery Program Directors.Academic Article Why?
The clinical and economic impact of a sustained program in global plastic surgery: valuing cleft care in resource-poor settings.Academic Article Why?
Giatsidis, GiorgioPerson Why?
Remote Digital Preoperative Assessments for Cleft Lip and Palate May Improve Clinical and Economic Impact in Global Plastic Surgery.Academic Article Why?
The use of in-situ simulation to improve safety in the plastic surgery office: a feasibility study.Academic Article Why?
Lactation as a complication of aesthetic breast surgery successfully treated with bromocriptine.Academic Article Why?
Occupational injury in plastic surgeons.Academic Article Why?
Use of smartphone cameras for simplified and cost-effective video recording of microvascular techniques.Academic Article Why?
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