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Prenatal Exposure Delayed EffectsConcept Why?
Zoeller, R.Person Why?
Strohsnitter, WilliamPerson Why?
Deligiannidis, KristinaPerson Why?
A new look at quantifying tobacco exposure during pregnancy using fuzzy clustering.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study of maternal exposure to organophosphate pesticides and newborn neurodevelopment in Thailand.Academic Article Why?
A Prospective Cohort Study of Prenatal Diethylstilbestrol Exposure and Cardiovascular Disease Risk.Academic Article Why?
Adverse health outcomes in women exposed in utero to diethylstilbestrol.Academic Article Why?
Adverse Reproductive and Developmental Health Outcomes Following Prenatal Exposure to a Hydraulic Fracturing Chemical Mixture in Female C57Bl/6 Mice.Academic Article Why?
Age at natural menopause in women exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero.Academic Article Why?
Alteration of rat fetal cerebral cortex development after prenatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of maternal risk factors associated with congenital vertebral malformations.Academic Article Why?
Antenatal Antidepressant Prescription Associated With Reduced Fetal Femur Length but Not Estimated Fetal Weight: A Retrospective Ultrasonographic Study.Academic Article Why?
Antidepressant medication use and risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of prenatal stress-related cortisol exposure: focus on cortisol accumulation in hair and nails.Academic Article Why?
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