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An integrated residency in internal and preventive medicine.Academic Article Why?
Carrying out the Medicine/Public Health Initiative: the roles of preventive medicine and community-responsive care.Academic Article Why?
Integrative Medicine in a Preventive Medicine Residency: A Program for the Urban Underserved.Academic Article Why?
Preventing texting while driving: a statement of the American College of Preventive Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Preventive MedicineConcept Why?
Yang, ChengwuPerson Why?
Clinical prevention and population health: curriculum framework for health professions.Academic Article Why?
COCATS 4 Task Force 2: Training in Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Cost effectiveness of pertussis vaccination in adults.Academic Article Why?
Designing tailored Web-based instruction to improve practicing physicians' preventive practices.Academic Article Why?
Differences in preventive health quality by residency year. Is seniority better?Academic Article Why?
Implementing achievable benchmarks in preventive health: a controlled trial in residency education.Academic Article Why?
Integrating evidence-based clinical and community strategies to improve health.Academic Article Why?
Interprofessional prevention education: changing the future of health professions education.Academic Article Why?
Intervening with practitioners to improve the quality of prevention: one-year findings from a randomized trial of assets-getting to outcomes.Academic Article Why?
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