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Schiffer, CeliaPerson Why?
Promise of advances in simulation methods for protein crystallography: implicit solvent models, time-averaging refinement, and quantum mechanical modeling.Academic Article Why?
Time-resolved x-ray crystallography of heme proteins.Academic Article Why?
Bias in cross-validated free R factors: mitigation of the effects of non-crystallographic symmetry.Academic Article Why?
Insights into interferon regulatory factor activation from the crystal structure of dimeric IRF5.Academic Article Why?
Royer, WilliamPerson Why?
Low-resolution structure refinement in electron microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Cofactor-mediated conformational control in the bifunctional kinase/RNase Ire1.Academic Article Why?
A maximum likelihood approach to two-dimensional crystals.Academic Article Why?
Structural basis for budding by the ESCRT-III factor CHMP3.Academic Article Why?
Korostelev, AndreiPerson Why?
Grigorieff, NikolausPerson Why?
Atomic model of an infectious rotavirus particle.Academic Article Why?
Lambright, DavidPerson Why?
Helix, sheet, and polyproline II frequencies and strong nearest neighbor effects in a restricted coil library.Academic Article Why?
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