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Clinical experts on Rett disorder.Academic Article Why?
The molecular pathology of Rett syndrome: synopsis and update.Academic Article Why?
The neurobiology of Rett syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Diseases of the mind and brain: Rett's syndrome, part II.Academic Article Why?
Diseases of the mind and brain: Rett's syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Transcriptional profiling of a mouse model for Rett syndrome reveals subtle transcriptional changes in the brain.Academic Article Why?
The MeCP2/YY1 interaction regulates ANT1 expression at 4q35: novel hints for Rett syndrome pathogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Rett SyndromeConcept Why?
Rett syndrome-causing mutations in human MeCP2 result in diverse structural changes that impact folding and DNA interactions.Academic Article Why?
RNA sequencing and proteomics approaches reveal novel deficits in the cortex of Mecp2-deficient mice, a model for Rett syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Brains, Blood, and Guts: MeCP2 Regulates Microglia, Monocytes, and Peripheral Macrophages.Academic Article Why?
Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 2 Regulates Microglia and Macrophage Gene Expression in Response to Inflammatory Stimuli.Academic Article Why?
Microglia contribute to circuit defects in Mecp2 null mice independent of microglia-specific loss of Mecp2 expression.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacological reactivation of inactive X-linked Mecp2 in cerebral cortical neurons of living mice.Academic Article Why?
Wolfe, ScotPerson Why?
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