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Dysferlin overexpression in skeletal muscle produces a progressive myopathy.Academic Article Why?
Gene expression profiling of skeletal muscle after volumetric muscle loss.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of skeletal muscle during calf exercise by 31-phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy in patients on statin medications.Academic Article Why?
Human skeletal muscle metabolism in health and disease: utility of magnetic resonance spectroscopy.Academic Article Why?
Muscle coenzyme Q: a potential test for mitochondrial activity and redox status.Academic Article Why?
Infection and inflammation in skeletal muscle from nonhuman primates infected with different genospecies of the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi.Academic Article Why?
Measurement of skeletal muscle area: Comparison of CT and MR imaging.Academic Article Why?
The effect of gradual or acute arterial occlusion on skeletal muscle blood flow, arteriogenesis, and inflammation in rat hindlimb ischemia.Academic Article Why?
Transplantation of lac-Z-transduced microvascular endothelial cells into the skeletal muscle capillary bed of the rat hindlimb occurs independent of the duration of femoral artery occlusion after injection of cells.Academic Article Why?
Combined NGS approaches identify mutations in the intraflagellar transport gene IFT140 in skeletal ciliopathies with early progressive kidney Disease.Academic Article Why?
Peripheral nerve and neuromuscular junction pathology in Pompe disease.Academic Article Why?
Altered splicing of the BIN1 muscle-specific exon in humans and dogs with highly progressive centronuclear myopathy.Academic Article Why?
Type 1 ryanodine receptor knock-in mutation causing central core disease of skeletal muscle also displays a neuronal phenotype.Academic Article Why?
Inherited CHST11/MIR3922 deletion is associated with a novel recessive syndrome presenting with skeletal malformation and malignant lymphoproliferative disease.Academic Article Why?
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