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Holzhauer, CathrynPerson Why?
Understanding and targeting stress reactivity in women Veterans with alcohol misuseGrant Why?
Suppressed anger, evaluative threat, and cardiovascular reactivity: a tripartite profile approach.Academic Article Why?
Sex differences in emotional and physiological responses to the Trier Social Stress Test.Academic Article Why?
Does stress increase risk of breast cancer? A 15-year prospective study.Academic Article Why?
Childhood maltreatment, emotional dysregulation, and psychiatric comorbidities.Academic Article Why?
Early life emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and the development of premenstrual syndrome: a longitudinal study.Academic Article Why?
Spared emotional perception in patients with Alzheimer's disease is associated with negative caregiver outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Surface-acting emotional labor predicts depressive symptoms among health care workers over a 2-year prospective study.Academic Article Why?
Fulwiler, CarlPerson Why?
Meyer, JerroldPerson Why?
Negative affect differentiation and adherence during treatment for thalassemia.Academic Article Why?
Emotion regulation moderates the association between parent and child hair cortisol concentrations.Academic Article Why?
Punnett, LauraPerson Why?
Bertone-Johnson, ElizabethPerson Why?
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