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Friedmann, PeterPerson Why?
Najavits, LisaPerson Why?
Yonkers, KimberlyPerson Why?
A relapse prevention group for patients with bipolar and substance use disorders.Academic Article Why?
A research agenda for gender and substance use disorders in the emergency department.Academic Article Why?
Acute care hospital utilization among medical inpatients discharged with a substance use disorder diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Anxiety disorders among patients with co-occurring bipolar and substance use disorders.Academic Article Why?
Chronic physical conditions in older adults with mental illness and/ or substance use disorders.Academic Article Why?
Clinicians' impact on the quality of substance use disorder treatment.Academic Article Why?
Clinicians' views on treating posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder.Academic Article Why?
Co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders: a multistate feasibility study of the quadrant model.Academic Article Why?
Diagnostic cost groups (DCGs) and concurrent utilization among patients with substance abuse disorders.Academic Article Why?
DSM-5 changes on the horizon: substance use disorders.Academic Article Why?
Expenditures in mental illness and substance use disorders among veteran clinic users with diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Gene Therapy for Alcoholism and Other Substance Use Disorders.Academic Article Why?
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