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Learning theories and principles in surgical education and technical learning.Academic Article Why?
The Role of a Social Media-Based Surgical Education Platform: "OtoNotes".Academic Article Why?
Surgical education: a decade of change.Academic Article Why?
The value of physician assistants to surgical education in teaching hospitals.Academic Article Why?
Giatsidis, GiorgioPerson Why?
Transforming the culture of surgical education: promoting teacher identity through human factors training.Academic Article Why?
American College of surgeons /Association for Surgical Education Medical Student Simulation-based Surgical Skills Curriculum: Alignment with Entrustable Professional Activities.Academic Article Why?
Re: Time to consider integration of a formal robotic-assisted surgical training program.Academic Article Why?
Maloney, MaryPerson Why?
Putting the MeaT into TeaM Training: Development, Delivery, and Evaluation of a Surgical Team-Training Workshop.Academic Article Why?
Identifying Opportunities for Virtual Reality Simulation in Surgical Education: A Review of the Proceedings from the Innovation, Design, and Emerging Alliances in Surgery (IDEAS) Conference: VR Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Designing a competency-based orientation program for the care of cardiac surgical patients.Academic Article Why?
Maintenance of Certification and Continuing Medical Education: Are They Still Required?Academic Article Why?
Virtual eye surgery training in ophthalmic graduate medical education.Academic Article Why?
Surgical Thoracic Transplant Training: Super Fellowship-Is It Super?Academic Article Why?
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