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Testis cancer.Academic Article Why?
A Private Investigation: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation of Testicular Tumors.Academic Article Why?
Cytoplasmic p21 expression levels determine cisplatin resistance in human testicular cancer.Academic Article Why?
Familial testicular cancer: interest in genetic testing among high-risk family members.Academic Article Why?
Suppressed follicle stimulating hormone in men with chorionic gonadotropin secreting testicular tumors.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with testicular self-examination among unaffected men from multiple-case testicular cancer families.Academic Article Why?
Prenatal Diethylstilbestrol Exposure: A Harbinger for Future Testicular Cancer Incidence?Academic Article Why?
Testicular NeoplasmsConcept Why?
Successful management of intracardiac extension of tumor thrombus in a patient with advanced nonseminomatous germ cell testicular cancer.Academic Article Why?
Strohsnitter, WilliamPerson Why?
Activin regulates betaA-subunit and activin receptor messenger ribonucleic acid and cellular proliferation in activin-responsive testicular tumor cells.Academic Article Why?
Adult granulosa cell tumors of the testis: a report of 32 cases.Academic Article Why?
Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for Male Germ Cell Tumors: Improved Outcomes Over 3 Decades.Academic Article Why?
Chromosome 12p abnormalities and IMP3 expression in prepubertal pure testicular teratomas.Academic Article Why?
Diffuse membranous immunoreactivity for podoplanin (D2-40) distinguishes primary and metastatic seminomas from other germ cell tumors and metastatic neoplasms.Academic Article Why?
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