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Expert TestimonyConcept Why?
A thallium scan goes to court.Academic Article Why?
AAPL Practice Guideline for the Forensic Assessment.Academic Article Why?
AAPL Practice Guideline for the forensic psychiatric evaluation of competence to stand trial.Academic Article Why?
Abi Zeid Daou, MargaritaPerson Why?
Advocate's disease.Academic Article Why?
Aggression toward forensic evaluators: a statewide survey.Academic Article Why?
An evidence development process for newborn screening.Academic Article Why?
Case vignette: unanticipated propinquity.Academic Article Why?
Commentary: the art of forensic report writing.Academic Article Why?
Conditional approval: discussion points from the PSI conditional approval expert group.Academic Article Why?
Countering countertransference, II: beyond evaluation to cross-examination.Academic Article Why?
Countering countertransference: a forensic trainee's dilemma.Academic Article Why?
Domestic violence: the role of the mental health expert.Academic Article Why?
Gender and the experience of mental health expert witness testimony.Academic Article Why?
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