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DiFranza, JosephPerson Why?
The assessment of tobacco dependence in young users of smokeless tobacco.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco use among women: gendered perspective to be included in global tobacco control policies.Academic Article Why?
"Tobacco Free With FDNY": the New York City Fire Department World Trade Center Tobacco Cessation Study.Academic Article Why?
Integrating tobacco dependence treatment and tobacco-free standards into addiction treatment: New Jersey's experience.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco promotion and the initiation of tobacco use: assessing the evidence for causality.Academic Article Why?
Tobacco Access and Availability for Vietnamese School Children (aged 13-15): Results from the Global Youth Tobacco Use Survey (GYTS) 2014 in Viet Nam.Academic Article Why?
Wellman, RobertPerson Why?
Associations of Adolescents' Cigarette, Waterpipe, and Dual Tobacco Use With Parental Tobacco Use.Academic Article Why?
Relationship between tobacco cessation and mental health outcomes in a tobacco cessation trial.Academic Article Why?
Minh, HoangPerson Why?
Recent increases in efficiency in cigarette nicotine delivery: implications for tobacco control.Academic Article Why?
Ockene, JudithPerson Why?
A gadget can't fix what's wrong with the tobacco distribution system.Academic Article Why?
Methodology for the Global Youth Tobacco Use Survey (GYST), Vietnam, 2014.Academic Article Why?
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